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Gemalto's Solution for Internet of Things

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Gemalto Solutions
Gemalto's Solutions for Internet of Things
Gemalto's Solution for Internet of Things
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The Internet of Things is a network of smart objects and cloud infrastructure; exchanging data and then transforming it into actionable intelligence. This convergence of IT (information technology) and OT (operations technology), draws its strengths from both worlds such as use of sensor technology to gather insights from the field, and using data analytic capabilities in the cloud.​​

Working with enterprises, industrial OEM, consumer OEM, mobile network operators and cloud service providers, Gemalto has a holistic view on the different building blocks like software, hardware and data are gelling together to build robust IoT ecosystems. In order to realize the benefits of IoT, such as increasing customer intimacy, improving operational excellence and generating new revenue streams through business model innovation; there are three critical components for the ecosystem to thrive: reliable connectivity, reliable security and an agile monetization framework.

Connect. Secure. Monetize.

Connect: Gemalto addresses miniaturization needs for OEMs, enables out-of-the-box connectivity for IoT devices, and delivers solutions to manage the network's quality of service.

Secure: Discover IoT security as an enabler for a robust IoT ecosystem. Gemalto helps customers secure the device, secure the cloud, and manage lifecycle of security for the entire life span of devices.

Monetize: Gemalto helps customers to enable innovative business models through embedded licensing, and quicker time-to-market with an application enablement platform.

Our Solutions​

Optimize your business by securely connecting assets from "edge to enterprise" using Cinterion M2M modules, MIMs, and the SensorLogic platform.

Consu​mer Electronics
Add innovative and secure features and services that differentiate your products - from payments and authentication to enterprise services and connectivity.

  • Aut​omotive
  • M​health
  • Track & Trace
  • Weara​​​bles
  • Tablets/PC

IoT Connectivity:

iot connectivity

A reliable subscription management framework for your IoT applications

Ubiquitous and uninterrupted connectivity has fuelled the growth of mobile technologies, and now paving the way for the Internet of Things. Various technologies and trends are emerging in the connectivity ecosystem. The applications of IoT technology vary from consumer to industrial world. With some connectivity technologies maturing and new emerging, the likes of LoRa, ZigBee, or BTLE will be catering to different applications. But cellular connectivity like LTE is expected to remain a mainstream in the foreseeable future, even for IoT applications, especially with 5G​ and NB-IOT around the corner. Explore how Gemalto can help you build a reliable connectivity framework for your IoT applications.

Enable Out-of-the-B​ox Connectivity

Consumer preferences are changing, and they need a convenient way to connect their smartwatches or connected vehicles right at the shop or car showroom. Using Gemalto's eSIM and On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) solutions, service providers can enable connectivity out-of-the-box. ODC offers complete lifecycle management of subscriptions for industrial and consumer IoT devices.

Flexibility for d​​evice form factors

Industrial devices and consumer electronic devices come in many shapes and sizes, from ECU (engine control unit) of a car to smart apparel. The wearables industry and consumer OEM are focusing increasingly on miniaturization. eSIMs offer OEMs the ability to achieve their miniaturization goals without compromising functionality. M2M communications have different needs, such as ruggedness and longevity. Gemalto offers a range of Cinterion® modules & terminals and MIMs, to ensure reliable connectivity even in ruggedized environments.

Ensuring Quality of S​ervice

While infrastructure like base stations is addressable by MNO support engineers, the geographically dispersed part of the connectivity infrastructure (the SIM/UICC/MIM/Module) is more difficult to address. With an exponential growth in devices, this problem is only going to grow. Preventive maintenance capabilities offer the best mechanism to counter this problem. Gemalto's IoT Quality of Service offer enables service providers to monitor the cellular connectivity of smart static and mobile objects in real time. Gemalto MIM Services Platform enables regular MIM audits and hardware monitoring that detects issues so that adjustments can be made Over The Air to preempt service failure.

Manage l​ifecycle of sub​scriptions

Once a service provider or OEM has deployed a device in the field, or a consumer is already using a consumer electronic device, it is difficult to switch subscriptions from one network to the other because it's difficult to either take the device physically to the customer care centre, or to replace the SIM card for a device in the field. Gemalto's On-Demand Connectivity offer addresses these issues, working in conjunction with an eSIM, eUICC or MIM, without the need of physical replacement or displacement of the connected object.​​​

Embedded & Cloud Security in the Internet of Things:

city iot connections

Protecting IoT data at rest and in motion​

The Internet of Things (IoT) will impact on how we interact with the world around us. Billions of "things"​ talking to each other – from TVs, fridges and cars to smart meters, health monitors and wearables. IoT promises unsurpassed convenience. But gaining and retaining consumer trust on privacy and security is essential if the IoT is to reach its potential. Data moving around the IoT will provide a picture of each and every one of us. The big challenge is securing this information.

There are many ways an attacker can access features or data on a connected device. The three main target “hack” points are: the device, the cloud infrastructure or the network.

Three pillars are essential to securing an IoT device, ensuring information is secure at rest and in motion. Gemalto’s armoury protects the device from design and manufacture, through its entire lifecycle, guarding data against malevolent attack.

Pillar One - Securin​g the Device:

Billions of connected devices will increase the use of software and data in enterprise assets and consumer gadgets. This means new attack points for malicious hackers. Gemalto’s embedded software solutions for consumer electronics and M2M help Consumer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Industrial OEMs and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) overcome these security challenges, including intellectual property theft due to the unregulated environment in which these devices operate.

Pillar Two - Securing the Clo​​ud:

The more urgent forms of threat come from the enterprise or cloud environment that these smart devices are connected to. Gemalto solutions for data encryption and cloud security provide a comprehensive portfolio for cloud service providers and enterprises to secure their enterprise and cloud assets. Our cloud-b​ased licensing and entitlement​ solution ​helps technology companies leverage the full potential of the cloud environment, ensuring their intellectual property is secured.

Pillar Three – Security Lifecycle Management

Often overlooked, managing the security lifecycle of security components across the device and cloud spectrum is a critical element for a robust and long-term digital security strategy. Security is not a one-off activity, but an evolving part of the IoT ecosystem. Adding new devices, end-of-life device decommissioning, device integration with a new cloud ecosystem or vice versa, managing secure firmware/software downloads - all these activities necessitate comprehensive management of identities, keys and tokens. Gemalto provides solutions to build a sustainable security lifecycle management infrastructure with capabilities including identity & access management, crypto management, software monetization and secure element & tokenization management​.

Gemalto’s security solutions are driving innovation so that we can all realise the benefits of a totally connected world.

iot small security services

IoT Monetization:

One of the biggest promises of IoT is the change in mindset for doing business – a mindset to move from a product-based monetization approach to a service-based approach. OEMs, ISVs, CSPs and other stakeholders have to contribute with their own intellectual property to build a successful connected ecosystem. This requires a monetization framework that allows all contributors to leverage from the new IoT business models, and have the agility to deploy new applications quickly to have a quicker ROI. An application enablement platform like SensorLogic can bridge this requirement with quick device on-boarding and pre-built IoT services.

Enable flexible monetization models

IoT is enabling new business models. Take the example of PaaS (Product as a Service), where an OEM produces a device, but rather than charging the customer up-front, the OEM allows the customer to pay through flexible models (metered, monthly, pay-per-use etc.). The Sentinel Software Monetization solutions allow OEM and CSP (cloud service provider) to implement flexible monetization models through tried and tested technology.

License & Entitlement Management

The role of software is increasing and will continue to increase as we see more connected applications emerge. ISVs have historically dealt with many challenges to monetize their intellectual property – the software! This includes problems like piracy and reverse engineering. While software companies have evolved, emerging and incumbent device manufacturers are still new to these issues. In order to monetize their intellectual property, they need proper enforcement of licensing policies for their devices, or even specific features on the devices. Sentinel Embedded and Cloud Service Monetization solutions enable OEM and cloud service vendors to enforce licensing models.

Software upgrades

As IoT services evolve, OEM will require a robust infrastructure to remotely upgrade software and features on their devices. But such upgrades require the highest levels of security and reliability to ensure that the device in the field cannot be compromised or leave the device useless. Sentinel Embedded solutions provide a framework for secure download of software upgrades to ensure new features can be rapidly deployed for new revenue streams from connected devices.

Device management

Due to proliferation of endpoints, the complexity of multiple device protocols has increased. From standards-based to proprietary implementations, integration of devices into IoT ecosystems is a time consuming process. In order to help devices speak to enterprise or cloud resources, and vice versa, the SensorLogic platform plays the role of an orchestrator. Through the use of device translators, device on-boarding is easier, and the time to setup and run a device in the network is drastically reduced.

IoT application development

The SensorL ogic Platform provides a framework for rapidly developing new application for evolving IoT use cases. This framework includes (but not limited to) an array of web services for authentication & administration, alarm notifications and location services. It also offers pre-integration with 3rd party services like connectivity platforms and geofencing solutions. These pre-built building blocks help IoT developers speed up the development of new use cases, on top of these existing blocks. Developer kits like the Cinterion Concept Board and Java as an application platform allow quick application design and prototyping. For the customer, this means a quicker time to deployment and a fast ROI for their IoT investments.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Communication between machines enables innovative advances in technology. Gemalt​​​o is at the fore​​​front of developing M2M capabilities that are improving and simplifying the way you do business. Our M2M portfolio is enabling solutions in industries ranging from healthcare, ret​ail services, smart energy, ​transportation​, logistics, automotive.​​​​

Our Sol​​u​​​tions

Gemalto offers a broad portfolio of solutions, services and platforms that enable M2M and IoT​applications and allow enterprises and people to trust in our connected world. We offer the technology bricks customers need to simplify and speed development and ensure the security, reliability and long life of M2M and IoT solutions.

  • Wireless​ Modules & Terminals
  • ​​
  • Machine Identification Modules (MIMs)
  • Secure Element
  • Application Enablement
  • M2M Security
  • M2M Development​

Consumer Electronics:

consumer electronics banner

The growing convergence of information, communication and entertainment is bringing a new era of consumer electronics across t​he world. This market has dramatically grown over the last three years and devices such as smartphones and tablets have changed the way end-users behave and consume services in their everyday lives.

However device manufacturers are facing multiple challenges today: some markets are reaching maturity stage, demand in Western markets is starting to slow down and the number of competitors, especially from China, continues to grow.

Gemalto helps you to differentiate yo​ur consumer electronics:

With a full range of secure products and services Gemalto enables consumer electronics manufacturers to offer new types of services to their customers and differentiate their products from the competition.

Secure products & services:
Discover our solutions based on embedded Secure Elements and Trusted Service Hub.

Cellular subscription management:
Connect your devices with embedded UICC and On-Demand-Connectivity services

Discover the solutions dedicated to your market:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets/PC
  • Wearables

Pricing Notes:

Gemalto Solutions
Gemalto's Solutions for Internet of Things
Gemalto's Solution for Internet of Things
Please Call for Pricing!